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BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Work and the original term is a German term known as Bayerische Motoren Werke. It was founded in the year 1916 in Munich, Germany. BMW was involved in creating aircrafts and war crafts before getting into this car business. This engine production was seized and the rights were held by terms of VAT (Versailles Armistice Treaty). After this, BMW Company was turned into the motorcycle production in the year 1932. However, the restrictions and complications were removed and the treaty once again started lifting up and then it followed by automobiles and co. in the year 1928 up to 1929 respectively.

The production of motorcycles began with the dawn of motorcycle era, which began soon after the First World War. The motorcycle brand of BMW is known as BMW Motorrad, which was the first ever motorcycle after the failure of Helios and Flink. After this R32 emerged in the year 1923 and this had a powerful twin engine known as "Boxer". These motorcycles by BMW were in great demand, especially in 1980s. When rock n roll was in top form, people preferred these bikes. Motorcycles were a new craze for youngsters in that era. However, things have changed and BMW started producing stunning cars in the form of luxury and comfort. Comfort comes first, that is their motto. In order to make their customers happy, these cars were specifically designed for excellence. The engineers were innovative and have made things better than before. Today, BMW has ruled the automobile industry. One of the facts is that the royal car- Rolls Royce is linked with BMW Company!

BMW emerged with the dazzling 1 series cars, in the year 2004. With the dawn of new millennium, the 1 series was launched with a startling start in serene autumn of 2004. The 5-door hatchback with a 3-door version was amazing. This car was like the king on the roads, ruling the roads and rocking the streets with its amazing style. However, in the year 2008, new models arrived in different styles in different countries. BMW comes up with more than 49 models with EU5/6 emissions norm. It has about 20 models with CO2. This is very famous in the European countries. People in Europe prefer these models for comfort and excellence.

Besides producing a great range of automobiles and motorcycles, BMW also does produce a large number of bicycles. The bicycles have their own style and comfort zone. BMW, no wonder, is creating waves in the automobile industry since the time of its arrival by making itself one of the bestselling car companies in the world. Today, the production of BMW has increased more than 53.2 billion USD (as per 2008 records).

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BMW - The Luxurious Car

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This article was published on 2010/03/27