Help on selecting car accessories to smarten up your leased BMW

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BMW is a really popular choice for car leasers, so here is some tips from how to pick the most suitable car gadgets and accessories if you have just signed the lease on a new BMW.

1) Check out the latest car accessories for the interiors to give your car the personal touch. You could want to try getting some personalised seat covers and floor mats, try some new mirrors or get accessories like air fresheners and cushions. Aside from providing fun accessories for your vehicle, this could be an excellent way of ensuring that your leased BMW reflects your personality. Additionally, you can also get official brand floor mats from BMW, as they can keep your car looking like new. But don't forget to try and purchase official accessories directly from BMW that have been specifically made to fit the dimensions of the BMW.

2) But, it's all about the stereo? Isn't it? A high-quality stereo system fitted in a new BMW makes it seem like you have had your car tailored to suit your personal taste. Furthermore, it is great to have excellent music quality to accompany your drive. Excellent news for commuters! Although, before you make a purchase check that your speakers fit in with your new stereo system; finding a mechanic who is familiar with BMW cars should be able to offer you some good advice.

3) What shop is best to purchase car accessories from? Products for your BMW should always be sourced from a reputable retailer and you should make sure you buy a proper brand. A poorly developed product can create the wrong impression with passengers and can be a false economy that wastes money, as they can be quick to break. Usually an auto shop will have BMW products and will be able to help you select the best accessories to complement your new BMW car.

4) Make sure you leave some room for your suitcases. Plenty of people that look into BMW 3 Series leasing, do so in order to take a vacation, so a luggage storage box could be an excellent extra gadget. This kind of storage is easily attached to the roof of the car to offer a bit more space for your holiday cases. Although you are unlikely to invest in a BMW suitcase container, it is still a good idea to get a container that matches with the colour and style of your car.

5) Insist on taking an emergency kit along with you in your car. This should include a warning triangle, some jacks and jump leads; it is important to make these emergency preparations as you might get stuck on an empty dual carriageway with no chance of replacing the deflated tyre or of warning oncoming traffic. Although this is by no means a unique situation that applies to only BMW drivers, it is still worth taking into consideration.

Once you have followed the above advice you should just let loose and be creative with your accessory choices. Just insist upon good quality products and that they go perfectly with the existing colour scheme in your BMW.
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Help on selecting car accessories to smarten up your leased BMW

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This article was published on 2011/09/29